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Did you know that
TH1n has an IP65 classification?

Don’t miss the new video to see the slim and light-weight TH1n terminal in action. What looks like an office phone is in fact a high performer in field operations. See for yourself: a terminal does not have to be big and bulky to perform. TH1n has been designed for demanding work conditions; it has passed tests to meet secure communications requirements and has an IP65 classification.


What does "easy to use" really mean?

How do you know if a TETRA radio will be easy to use? Ask these ten questions and you will know.

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Th1n usecase story

Protect the city parking attendants during their daily work

Can you imagine how the slim and light TETRA radio is useful in different use cases? Read a case story how our partner in Denmark has developed a solution based on TH1n TETRA radio and radio control solution from IHM to protect the city parking attendants during their daily work.

Please read the case story here.

Th1n outstanding use compfort

Outstanding use comfort

What if your TETRA radio was truly small? Not just neat and handy, but also extremely slim and light. So small that it fits in your pocket? Would you benefit from the change?

The TH1n is the smallest, thinnest and most light-weight TETRA handheld on the market. However, not everything is small: it has the largest display, just like in many other TETRA radio from Airbus Defence and Space.

Th1n adapted image Th1n adapted image Th1n adapted image Th1n adapted image

Adapted to your work

During your daily work, you need the most reliable and easiest-to-use tools.

TH1n is suited to your daily work. It offers all the key PMR features for an experienced user working in critical missions. It is also an attractive choice for employees in social welfare and health care as well as for officials – people who work mostly indoors, preferring a 'light-duty' design for their radio. TH1n is designed to adapt to your work patterns, not to steal your attention from them.